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Full text of "The Lincoln way; nine messages of timely warning and advice received from Abraham Lincoln on America's present dilemma and future destiny"

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Russell, Beatrice K. 

The Lincoln Way; Nine 
Messages of Timely 
Warning and Advice 




the Class of 1901 

founded by 






from the Realms of the Unseen to the people of 
America and of the World. Nine Immortal Messages 
of Timely Warning and Advice on America's present 
Dilemma and Future Destiny. ASTOUNDING! 


Nine Messages of Timely Warning and Advice 

Received from Abraham Lincoln on 

America's Present Dilemma 

and Future Destiny 



Price $1.00 


1401 West 75th Street 



In presenting "The Lincoln Way" which consists of nine mes- 
sages purported to have come from Abraham Lincoln from realms 
beyond the earth plane — Lincoln Philosophical Research Founda- 
tion neither affirms or denies the authenticity as to source, of these 

Creditable Psychic Research and Practice, however, does seem 
to reveal quite substantial evidence that under certain proper 
conditions, there are those instances where communicative contact 
has been established with those who have passed from the earth 
plane to higher realms. 

Sincere and capable investigators of these matters furthermore 
assert with firm conviction, that there are those great humanitarians 
and other leaders who have passed beyond the veil who are still 
guiding and attempting to guide the mortals of earth — particularly 
at those times when there are threats of terror and great suffering 
in the world — such as like the time through which we are now 

Our investigations and conclusions do reveal the fact that these 
messages have been received under conditions and circumstances 
that support strongly their authenticity. The modus operandi, 
however, is not to be confused with the prattle of the ordinary 
spiritist so commonly encountered in modern spiritualistic 
circles where delusion and trickery are ever so prevalent. 

It has become an axiomatic fact among the rank and file of 
the spiritually minded that the soul (the true being) in the ultimate 
is immortal, and that death of the physical body does not consti- 
tute the death of the real being, the Soul, which has inhabited that 
body — and probably many other bodies during its individual 



Souls vary in degree of awakening, development and conscious- 
ness. Those individuals possessing the more highly evolved souls 
make up our great examplar leaders, humanitarians, and saviours 
of mankind. Abraham Lincoln was obviously of that type. He was 
filled with a great desire to help humanity. Who will say Lincoln 
is not now one of the Immortals? And, if he be Immortal would 
he not still be filled with that same great desire to help humanity — 
and particularly those of his own America? 

Soul is of the basic essence — and is operative in influence on 
other souls regardless of the particular respective planes of existence 
of those souls. When two or more souls are found in rapport — 
action of some sort, by law, is usually stimulated. 

We have reason to believe that such proper rapport was found 
to exist between Abraham Lincoln and Beatrice K. Russell as to 
make possible and to permit the transmittal and recording of the 
Messages which Lincoln wanted to reach America and other peo- 
ples of the world. 

One need only read thoughtfully the Messages to discover their 
sublime wisdom and timeliness. Also, it will not be found difficult 
in many instances to identify the natural character of diction of 
Abraham Lincoln. 

We feel that even if the authenticity as to source of these Mes- 
sages could be completely discounted — they contain such potent 
precepts of wisdom as to warrant their full consideration, exploita' 
tion and adoption. 

We make the Messages available to the people of America and 
of the World with the sincere hope that many will find within 
them the kernels of Truth that will lift them to a higher Life of 
Health, Security and Peace. 


Lincoln Philosophical Research Foundation 
(A non-profit Corporation) 

Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. 
February 4, 1955 


I have considered it advisable to preface "The Lincoln Way" 
with some word of explanation as to how my receiving of the Mes- 
sages of Abraham Lincoln came about. 

Although receiving certain psychic experiences from the age of 
twenty-five, I feel it should be stated that I have never been 
connected with the modern spiritualistic movement; have never 
attended a spiritualistic meeting, or ever sat in any so-called devel- 
opment group. Any gifts I may possess in this respect have come 
only naturally. I have never commercialized these gifts. 

After the death of my only son who was a pilot in the R.A.F. 
during the war, my health became very poor and I decided to leave 
England in search of a warmer climate. I finally settled in the 
beautiful Santa Cruz mountains in Jamaica where I acquired a 
small house, and which has since been surrounded by a garden 
made by myself. 

I frequently felt my son's presence near me, and had often 
been conscious of his help; however, I had harbored no desire for 
communication with the Other Side. Rather, I preferred to live 
only a simple and austere life devoted to meditation, quiet study, 
and the cultivation of my garden. I am a vegetarian and have 
more by choice, practically none of the so-called modern comforts 
of life. 

In 1951 my daughter Pamela, came to visit me from the United 
States. She too believed in the efficacy of meditation, and the 
entering into the "silence" for strength and inspiration. We there- 
fore decided to meditate together at regular intervals during each 

Not long after we started these regular meditation periods I 
found myself receiving mental messages which I was able to speak 
aloud so that they could be written down by my daughter. These 
developed into a series of lectures called "Fragments of Truth from 
the Unseen," which were later published in the Psychic News of 
London. These Messages were dictated to me by a Doctor who 
had passed over in 1935 — and whose identity I was afterwards 
able to fully prove. I came to have a feeling of implicit trust in 
him; not only because of the great spirituality of the lectures and 
of their immense help to me personally, but because of the wonder- 
ful feeling of sheer goodness that I experienced whenever he came. 
Therefore, two years later when he told me I must go to California 

and there join my daughter for a very important work I did not 
hesitate, but began immediately to make plans for the trip, and to 
overcome the many difficulties that would be involved. 

Soon after my arrival in America the Doctor gave me the fol- 
lowing : 

"At this time one of the greatest men that ever lived feels 
that he must come back through this channel to send impor- 
tant Messages to his nation. This is most vital — and to 
you two who are not of this nation the task has been given." 

"The one of whom I speak was called when upon earth — 
Abraham Lincoln. He knows that his nation is at a turning 
point, and that help must be given. His great love for man- 
kind has drawn him — not with just a narrow patriotism, 
but with a genuine desire to help in the decisions of his own 
country, and through them to help the rest of the world." 

"He realizes that the medium has been well chosen, and 
strange though it may seem he feels it is well that these Mes- 
sages should be relayed through two from another nation." 

"We are confident that you will carry this out, and will realize 
to the full the solemnity and responsibility of your task." 

The next day after sitting in quiet prayer for a few moments, 
the Messages which comprise "THE LINCOLN WAY" began. 
They continued thereafter at regular intervals until completion 
three weeks later. 

I am not an American and know little about your Statesmen, 
National Traditions and Policies. However, I cannot help but feel 
that these Messages from your greatest man contain a wealth of 
vital wisdom for all the people of America as well as of the World. 
If they prove of worthwhile value for the good of mankind I shall 
be only too happy to have served as a channel for bringing them 
to you. 

I would like to conclude by offering my most grateful thanks 
to the Lincoln Philosophical Research Foundation for having made 
possible the publication of these Messages; also, a word of thanks 
to my daughter Pamela, without whose self-effacing help the work 
could not have been brought to fruition. 


Palm Crest, 
Malvern P. O., 
Jamaica, B.W.I. 

Beatrice K. Russell and Her Modest Mountain Home in the 
• Santa Cruz Mountains of the British West Indies 


To the People of the United States: 

With deep humility I dedicate these Messages 
to you — Greatest Nation on Earth — from your 
Greatest Man, in the sure hope that you will heed 
them, and that the faith in your high destiny 
which he brought to you nearly one hundred years 
ago, will abide with you always. 














July 10, 1953 



Men and Women of America! I call you! From 
the North, from the South, from the East, and from 
the West — I call you! 

From our possessions overseas, in planes, in 
ships, in submarines, on mountains, in valleys — 
Americans, all over the world — I call you! 

This is my message — Abraham Lincoln's mes- 
sage. Look back, look back on the years when I 
was with you. They were years that were fraught 
with trouble and difficulties. I led you then, and 
I am privileged to lead you now. You remember 
I called you to a mighty Cause, to fight a great 
evil in our land. And we conquered. The spirit 
of America awakened, and together we fought 
our battles and we won. Why? Because we knew 
that our Cause was God's Cause. God helped us 
then. God help you now. 

The time has now come when I call you again 
to a mightier, grander Crusade. But mark you 
this: not fought with weapons; not fought with the 


blood of your countrymen; not fought in a spirit of 
conquest; or with any of the pride and panoply 
of war. I call you, now, on a nobler Crusade. 

For many of you, my sayings will be hard. In 
your hearts you will be minded to turn away, to 
close your ears. This, Americans, is a Crusade for 
Peace. Hold that thought fast. Keep it in the holy 
altars of the spirit, which lie deep in the very centre 
of your being. Each one of you — rich and poor, 
of every class, creed, and color — you must hold 
this picture of Peace in your hearts. 

In spite of the terrible turmoil of the world, in 
spite of the clamoring of nations, in spite of the 
shouts of those who wish to stir up the passions of 
the mob, you must wage this Crusade with all the 
fervor and the noble endeavors with which you 
fought our Cause many years ago. 

It lies not so much, Americans, I emphasize this, 
not so much with the leaders of your nation, but 
with the common man. 

This task may seem very difficult to you. You will 
say you want definite directions, leadership, wis- 
dom, and that it is beyond your power. Not so, 
Americans, not so. For believe this, for I know, 
having been a leader among you: I know that this 
Peace can only come to pass through the efforts 
of the common man. 

You must recognize that you stand, the whole 
of America stands, at the parting of the ways. 


One could compare the situation to that of one 
man, alone on a mountain top, in the midst of a 
great and violent thunderstorm. The clouds bend 
over him, thunder rolls, and lightning flashes. But 
as the man stands there in terror and calls for help 
from Almighty God, a light is seen in the far dis- 
tance, which grows and spreads. The blackness 
of the storm disappears, calmness reigns, and the 
Peace of God comes to that man. So it should be 
with you, Americans. 

By the power of prayer and the certainty that 
God will guide our nation, as He has guided it in 
the past, you, in the terrible moments that are now 
drawing near to the world, will be able to avert 
the approaching storm. 

Think, Americans. Turn your eyes for one mo- 
ment to the appalling catastrophies that could be 
brought about by Man, mark you, not by God — 
horrors unimaginable, which would overwhelm the 
entire world. 

Now think of the other side. You know that you 
are the mightiest nation in the world. Shall it not 
be then that you will be in the vanguard of Peace. 
Your scientists, your inventors will be enabled to 
bring about such benefits upon the human race 
as have never before been known in the history of 
the world. All these are intended to help Human- 
ity. The story of the American race can go down 
in the records of the historians of the future, 
showing that a mighty people took the lead, in 


crucial times, amongst the other nations upon earth, 
saying: "No more, no more will we slaughter. No 
more will we suffer this terrible evil of War. We 
will lead you, we will lead you into Peace. We are 
strong enough. We fear no one. We love Humanity. 
We want nothing from other nations. We will 
suffer no longer this evil to exist among us." 

But remember my words. Can you, in truth, say 
at the present time that you fear nothing and no 
one? You know well enough that Fear is one of 
the greatest causes of War. You Must Not Fear. 
How is it possible that if you believe truly in God, 
you can ever have one moment of Fear. Believe 
this, Americans, that if you allow this Fear to exist 
in your hearts, you are not, I tell you, true believers 
in the living God. 

Know this, then, that this is what you must do. 
Advocate Peace among you boldly. Often in the 
silence of your room, pray fervently with a real 
faith that your prayers will be answered. Pray for 
Peace. Those of you who are in the position of 
leaders, in small groups or large, make sure that 
in whatever you may be teaching, that there will 
be an influence for Peace. 

In a larger and more far-reaching manner, when 
the elections of your nation take place, make very 
certain that the man for whom you vote will place 
the Peace of the World in the forefront of his policy. 

Men and Women of America, believe now that 


it is Abraham Lincoln who speaks to you from the 
Other Side. Heed my words in these messages. 
God bless you all. 

God bless America. 



July 11, 1953 



Men and Women of America! Listen! You will 
be thinking many things with regard to my first 
message. You will be saying amongst yourselves: 
"Abraham Lincoln says he calls us, but he tells us 
nothing concrete, nothing in terms of party politics, 
no mention of leaders. What are we to do?" 

My friends, these things are not intended: I 
cannot, and it would not be right for me to lay 
down details of a nation-wide campaign for Peace. 
God does not issue blueprints for a nation to fol- 
low. How easy that would be for you, but how dis- 
astrous for a young nation to follow progress in 
this manner. You can take an example from fam- 
ily life. If a father told his little son exactly what 
to do each hour of the day, would the son ever be- 
come adult? We know it would not be so. You 
have only to study history to see that nations are 
not guided in this way. Terrible calamities are not 
avoided. And in that way, both individuals and 
nations are taught that Faith — Faith under over- 
whelming disaster — brings its reward. 


Think of England in the Battle of Britain when 
almost everything but Faith had gone. Think, too, 
of the Faith of your Pilgrim Fathers and dwell on it. 

You will raise now another question: You will 
say: "Abraham Lincoln, prove your identity. If it 
is you — you, in the Spirit, speaking to your nation 
now — give us proof. In other words, prove Sur- 

My friends, I speak these words from a holy 
place, in a noble company. I will not degrade the 
presence of the holy spirits amongst whom I stand, 
by putting myself on the defensive, by protesting 
I am not a charlatan. If you cannot feel the sin- 
cerity and the purpose which filled the speeches 
of Abraham Lincoln in the days gone by, repeated 
in these messages, I will not satisfy you. Read no 
further. The messages are not for you. Skeptics 
there will always be, and it would not matter one 
jot or tittle if I gave them chapter and verse of my 
past life, for they would even then find reasons 
for not believing. One, the greatest of all, rebuked 
the doubting Thomas, and throughout the ages, 
there will always be these unbelievers. 

And now I tell you a wonderful thing. You ask, 
"Why have these messages to be delivered now?" 
And you ask, too, "How are they being delivered?" 

They are being delivered now, because — and 
this is the wonderful thing — it is because they are 
being brought by the combination of immensely 
powerful thoughts, coming from every part of Amer- 


ica — thoughts and prayers of great humility, as 
well as anxious questioning. You are all asking: 
"What is Truth? Where are we going? To whom 
can we turn? Is there a God at all? What future 
have we? We, who thought ourselves so strong, 
so powerful, are beginning to feel so lost. We long 
to understand Life and we cannot." 

Now I want to tell you all, what some of you 
already know, that Thought is a Substance. It is so 
powerful that no words can describe it. Individual 
thought can compass an immense range; but when 
a great nation can send out powerful vibrations, 
and those vibrations are continuous over a period 
of years with the same tinge of thought this fans 
out and makes itself felt, and thereby attracts like 
a magnet powerful rays, through which the power 
to receive these thoughts on another plane, and the 
power to deal with them, is given. That is one 
reason why I am privileged to send these messages 
to you. You understand, it is your own act that 
has made it possible. Ponder on this; for if you 
can understand and believe it, you will realize that 
it is what you might call a "miracle." 

Now the other aspect. I have told you why these 
messages are coming, and you also ask me how. 
I bid you all — study to learn more of what has 
already been vouchsafed to the world of the Life 
beyond Death. Do not close your eyes and ears 
in blind stubbornness to the facts, and I use the 
word "facts" advisedly. You will then find it easier 
to appreciate the numberless ways in which we, 


who have passed over, are able to help you in 
your daily life. So constantly does this happen that 
even the most biased and the most sceptical among 
you have the knowledge in your minds, that there 
must be something functioning outside the known 
laws of Physics. 

I will now give you the answer as to how these 
messages are coming. When they are printed, you 
will know and be able to prove that what I am now 
going to say is correct in every detail. 

Two women, a mother and daughter, not of your 
race or land, have been brought separately from 
far distant places on the earth to your own country. 
To get there meant to both of them the conquest of 
apparently insuperable difficulties. They had no 
funds; one of them was in poor health. Month 
after month the struggle went on. Neither of these 
women knew the reason why they should be drawn 
to a certain spot, so far away from their homes. 
But they both had Faith. When the time came, 
every difficulty was solved. I have told you these 
facts, not in any way to publicize these women, 
but to show you what Faith can accomplish. In 
a later message I will give you details as to how 
communication was established. 

More and more the nations of the whole world 
are becoming aware of the Truths which lie in the 
realm of Psychic knowledge. These Truths I, my- 
self, experienced when on earth. Not only are your 
scientists aware of them, but the religions of the 


world are putting them forward. This is being done 
as quietly and unobtrusively as possible, but it is, 
nevertheless, a very real fact; and, my friends, 
when you hear narrow-minded people speak of 
these things as evil, ask yourself the question: 
Would Almighty God allow His churches to be 
used, for example, for Spiritual Healing if there was 
anything evil in this practice? 

I have digressed in this message because I knew 
that immediately publication took place, these ques- 
tions and controversies would arise; and by mis- 
taken people would be used to obscure their true 
meaning and obstruct their true aim. 

I know that that is, alas, only too true of human 
nature when confronted with pure Truth. There 
are people to whom goodness and virtue are quali- 
ties which must be destroyed if possible. They fear 
them; they hate them, for they show them the black- 
ness of their own hearts. At this time there are 
many people perverted in this way. But I say to 
you, in answer to your own thoughts on this matter, 
that I can therefore, in these messages, contact only 
the few. I tell you, however, that it is enough. Do 
not fear. Were there not once only Twelve who 
received a Message which spread over the entire 

I will endeavor, in the next message, to give you 
broad outlines of policies without politics, on the 
lines of which America should go forward in the 
coming years. 


I do not need to tell you these are solemn mo- 
ments in the history of America. On your country, 
more than any other throughout the entire world, 
lies a heavy responsibility. I warn you that if you 
should, at this stage of your history, lose the faculty 
to rise above material things, and lose sight of the 
fact that you are all living souls and immortal — 
if you should forget this and not endeavor to cul- 
tivate the spiritual part of your nature — then you 
will be stricken down. 

Pray to God that you may be lifted up to lead, 
instead of being cast into the depths to be destroyed. 

God bless America. 



July 16, 1953 



I f Abraham Lincoln, spoke in my last message of 
policies without politics. I wish now to outline what 
should be America's main policy for the future. 
There is a tremendous step to be taken, a step 
which will call for great sacrifice and a love for 
Humanity in general. 

I refer to God's great plan for the whole world; 
that is, Federation: the complete unity of all na- 
tions. It is a project so great that it almost con- 
founds the imagination. 

Americans, you will lead in this. You have with 
God's help achieved a Federation of your own. 
When you speak of the "United" States, do you 
realize what a wonderful achievement that is? 

You are the greatest example in the world today 
of the success of Federation. Look round the world 
and see what is happening. The first steps are 
being taken. Groups of small nations and groups 
of small islands have in some instances already 
accomplished this, whilst others are considering it. 


But, and I want to give you a solemn warning. In 
every case it is the motive that counts; and, there- 
fore, you will find that groups possessed of greed 
and who wish to federate solely for self-aggran- 
dizement will fail, because their motive is evil. 
They want to get, not to give. But where the motive 
is good, where the motive is for the benefit of the 
world, this or that group will succeed, in spite of 
the sacrifices entailed. 

This process will continue in ever widening cir- 
cles; this great Idea will come to pass, culminating 
in the unity of the world. 

Events are moving quickly. Within the last few 
years you have seen the British Empire die, and 
out of the ashes has risen a far better thing: the 
British Commonwealth of Nations. It is succeeding, 
now, because the motive is good. In just the same 
way, Americans, your United States are succeed- 
ing because your motive, in this respect, is for the 
benefit of each individual soul in your country. 
And, therefore, it cannot fail. 

But in playing your part, as you must do, to bring 
about the Federation of the World, you have to 
face a hard and stern test; for the critics will say: 
"We are powerful, we are strong, we need no help, 
we will go ahead alone." No, no, Americans, that 
is not God's plan. 

You are to give, to give increasingly. You are 
to reach out to all the nations, and you are to point 
to the Way that must be followed. 


Time and time again there will be setbacks. There 
will be violence and slaughter, and the world will 
sink into a trough of failure; but always you must 
keep in men's mind this Idea: the Idea that the 
Federation of the World will bring to mankind 
immense blessings. 

For it will obliterate War altogether. 

So much at the moment, then, for the view I want 
to place before you for nations and for America in 
particular. Now I must speak of the individual 
and of how this tremendous thing can be brought 
about, for, as I have said, all things lie in the last 
resort with the individual. 

The plan is for the world to have a figurehead, 
a Symbol of Federation: a Symbol which will repre- 
sent all good and beautiful qualities, something 
that continually uplifts, and will represent to each 
individual the highest character attainments to 
which he or she can aspire. 

I cannot go into details, but you may liken this 
in your minds to the sacred fire of Olympus, which 
was to the Greeks a holy symbol. 

In considering individuals in Federation, you will 
have to consider laws and customs, characteristics 
of each nation, and how they can be blended. In 
time to come, there will be great alterations in your 
marriage laws. Home and children must be looked 
on as a solemn trust, and the latter to be accounted 
for, not only in your lives on earth, but in your 


lives to come. In Marriage the solemn vows will 
once again mean what God meant them to mean. 
People will no longer take them lightly. Education 
will be adapted and altered with this end in sight. 
Husbands and wives will be required to educate 
themselves for this # as for other professions. 

No nation will produce more children than is 
necessary for the best development of itself, in 
conjunction with the needs of the world; for it is 
the world, remember, and in terms of the world, 
that you will all in the future think and speak. 
These children will be brought into the world under 
the best possible cirmumstances, both wives and 
husbands dedicating themselves to this supremely 
important task by special study and prayer. Thus, 
the citizens of the New World will be worthy of 
their citizenship. And you will see, as you think 
on these lines, how much evil will be abandoned. 

As you look round the world today, does it not 
seem to you that a very Heaven could be made 
out of the Hell that now exists? 

Nations will no longer speak proudly of "posses- 
sions," or "owning other nations." Restrictions of 
every kind could be broken down, under the new 

I bring you this message, Americans, yet I know 
full well with what distrust and dislike many of you 
will regard Federation. You will feel that in taking 
this step, you may yourselves be submerged and 


lost. These feelings must be put aside, for the foun- 
dation of them is selfishness. 

Nationalism was necessary for you to build your- 
selves up and to form an example of Federation, in 
miniature, before the world. Now, however, this 
feeling of Nationhood has become too extreme, and 
makes for War. The transition will take time and 
will be, indeed, a period of testing, during which 
there will be a spiritual purging and, at length, 
finally cleansed and freed from all motive except 
Altruism, you will take your place in the Brother- 
hood of Nations and will finally accomplish God's 

Meanwhile, it is essential that your children 
should be guided now, through Education, to this 
great Ideal. As this is done, each generation will 
impress it more powerfully until it becomes woven 
into the very centre of your lives. 

Does it seem impossible to you, now, that it could 
ever come to pass? Remember that with God, 
nothing is impossible. 

God bless America. 



July 17, 1953 



You will perceive, Americans, that I, Abraham 
Lincoln, am giving you in these messages a Way 
of Life. Do not dismiss them with the idea that I 
am speaking of a Utopia in the far distance of 
Time. Some of these ideas are much nearer to you 
now than you can imagine. 

To enter this Way, there are, symbolically speak- 
ing, certain Gates through which you will have to 
pass. I will deal with a few of these in this message. 

First, the Gate of Religion. Religion will become 
universal. It is recognized more in the East than 
in the West that Man cannot be treated as one of 
a herd. Humanity cannot be poured into a mold. 
Those in the West are at the present time tending 
towards the herd complex. This is Retrogression. 
Individuality must assert itself, and it is for this 
reason that I speak of a universal Religion. 

At first sight this may seem a contradiction in 
words, but it is not so, as I will show you. You 
must in due time get rid of all Creeds, Dogmas, and 


Doctrines. It is impossible for people to think or 
believe identically. And so, temples, churches, and 
sanctuaries will be built as universal places where 
all may come without fear. Each will be a real 
meeting place for God and the Soul. They will be 
open day and night; and no one, whatever his 
belief or his status in life, will have any feelings of 
doubt as to whether he can enter or not. 

As I will show presently, no money or material 
rewards will be attached to the management of 
these buildings. 

In these ways Religion will lose its narrowness 
and bigotry, which sullies its name at the present 
time. The Churches have been backward, indeed, 
in this matter, for the very fact that they have built 
separate enclosures for separate beliefs makes for 
jealousy and bitterness. 

Clergy and priests, all over the world, will cease 
to exist as a separate class. There will be no fi- 
nance connected any longer with God's teachings. 
Surely, Americans, you should have learnt this long 
before, through the teachings of Christ and the 
other Masters who have come to tell you these 

Who, then, will teach? There will be men who, 
by prolonged study and development, will possess 
the inner urge to help their fellow men in the search 
for God. They will be known by the lives they 
lead; and when instruction is necessary, they will 
be there to give it. 


Because the taint of money will be no longer 
attached to the worship of God, the words of the 
teachers will fall with the accent of Truth on men's 

But, remember, there is much to be done before 
this state of affairs can come to pass, for intolerance 
is now just as much rife as it was in the days of the 
Spanish Inquisition. 

I leave this now to turn to lesser matters, but 
which, however, impinge directly on it. 

I speak now of the Gate of Health. Dis-Ease, like 
Crime, will come to be regarded as the result of 
an unquiet Mind. Doctors, as you know them, will 
not be functioning. The surgeon and his knife will 
no longer be needed. Through discoveries, some 
of which are very near, it will be found that the 
human body can be insulated from many of the ail- 
ments which beset it. This civilization is bringing, 
in its train, fresh diseases; but this situation has 
nearly reached the crest of the wave, and the vic- 
tory over harmful bacilli is drawing nearer. Medi- 
cine will develop on different lines, and the neces- 
sity for physicians in their present capacity will 
no longer exist. 

There will be, what I will call in this message, 
Comforters — men and women who have trained 
their minds to deal with Dis-Ease from a psycho- 
logical standpoint. Again, this will be untouched 
by any thought of gain. It will be regarded, as 
indeed in olden days the study of medicine was 


regarded, as a holy thing; compare this, for one 
moment, with the schemes, advertising, and ideas 
of the present day. And make certain in your minds 
that you will do your utmost to bring this infinitely 
happier state of things to pass. 

The last Gate to the Way, of which I speak in 
this message, is Education. There will be, and this 
is much nearer than you imagine, a Universal Lan- 
guage. You will know that already experiments 
have been made in this, but that the world was not 
ready for them. But even now there are skilled men 
working on this. Can you picture the tremendous 
benefits that will thus be brought to mankind? 

The greatest discoveries that are made all over 
the world will be pooled and put to the advantage 
of all peoples, because the use of a Universal 
Language will tend to dismiss doubt and suspicion. 
When this comes to pass, it will be hailed by all 
thinking people as the greatest benefit that has 
ever been given to man. 

Education will not be the short temporary factor 
in men's lives that it is today. It will not only be 
possible but certain that men and women can study 
all their lives; and because they will be doing this, 
their mental powers will increase. It will consist, 
too, of a different aggregation of knowledge than 
exists today. The multiplicity of languages has 
become a handicap to education. You will find 
that new methods of assimilating knowledge will 
alter the whole perspective of Life, so often at the 


present time given over to trivialities. Life will, 
indeed, become worth while. 

Are not all these things worth struggling for, as 
you have struggled in earlier times for noble 
things? I would ask you to hold your heads high 
in the hope of a New World. 

Remember, when your hearts are heavy with the 
burden of the evil and suffering in the world to- 
day — remember, it is written: "Behold, I make all 
things new." 

God bless America. 



July 18, 1953 



After my last message, which dealt with the 
things of the Future, you will require of me words 
with regard to your lives in the present time. Some 
of these words may seem harsh to you, but you 
will understand that I have a message which I 
must give. 

Americans, the majority of you live too much on 
the surface of things. You do not delve deeply 
enough into questions that are inter-related with 
your daily life. You must realize that the founda- 
tion of all Life is God, and that all things are bound 
up in the last resort with Him. 

I can prove this to you by a simple example. Let 
us take something which now dominates your lives 
to a very great extent. I speak of Money. 

Now, many of you are aware that there is some- 
thing wrong with your money system; you realize 
that reforms in this are necessary and overdue. 
Reform of the monetary system, you will agree, is 
bound up with questions of import and export, of 


balance of trade # of production. In that connection 
it will readily come to your minds that a system 
which can bring about the destruction of food in 
one part of the globe, while people are dying for 
that very food in another part f is a system which 
has grave faults. Production, then # brings us im- 
mediately to the problems of labor; of movements 
of populations; of immigration and unemployment; 
and that, in turn f brings us to control of population. 
Control of population brings us to the science of 
Eugenics. This, again, brings us to right living; and 
right living brings us to the study of the spiritual 
side of Life; and the spiritual side of Life means 
God in us. So you see that we start in this instance 
with Currency Reform, and the answer brings us 
to God. 

You will find that in the same way that I have 
analyzed this for you — all things, all subjects what- 
ever, have their answer in the search for God. You 
must, all of you who can, study these and other 
problems; for many books have been written on 
these subjects, and it is up to you to find out the 
answers for yourselves. 

Remember, one great fault among you is that you 
are all so liable to think in terms only of your own 
country: America — first, last, and all the time. This 
must cease before you can progress. 

From your pulpits Altruism is preached for the 
individual, but not enough is made of the necessity 
of Altruism among the nations. 


Now I turn to what may seem to you a small 
matter in your daily life, but it is one that becomes 
each year more pressing. I refer to the subject of 
your leisure hours, and how you are going to use 
them. Working hours are getting shorter because 
of the increase in inventions and machinery. This 
should be all to your good, but it is not. You do 
not need me to tell you that you are wasting pre- 
cious days, weeks, and even years of your lives 
during your leisure. In your places of entertain- 
ment — watching often degrading sights — in your 
perpetual rush from one place to another, you are, 
in fact during most of your free time, preventing 
yourselves from developing spiritually. 

You cannot blind yourselves to these facts. This 
state of affairs is increasing, and the thinkers of 
your nation realize this and are searching for reme- 
dies. Hence, in small ways people are being asked 
to lead more simple lives, to enjoy guietness, to 
work with their hands in various crafts and hobbies, 
and to spend as much time as possible with Nature. 
Do your utmost to forward these projects. 

And this brings me to urge upon you the culti- 
vation of the Beautiful in your lives. You will ap- 
preciate how much you have lost of this when you 
look back only a few years. Where, Americans, 
are your Poets? Where are the successors of Long- 
fellow, Walt Whitman, and that great thinker, 
Emerson? How is it, do you suppose, that there are 
none of that calibre alive today? Art and Poetry 
are the expression of the spiritual life of a nation, 


How can you in your present lives — bound up as 
they are with the pursuit of money, with the making 
of things destined for destruction — how can you 
even think of things of Beauty? 

You have an inner urge within you that makes 
you desire these things almost without your being 
aware of it. All you know is that you are dissatis- 
fied with your way of Life, easy and comfortable 
in many ways as it is. A great restlessness pos- 
sesses you. You travel all over the world; you take 
up first this thing, then that; you think out exciting 
projects, such as rocketing into Space; yet all these 
things leave you empty and void. 

But I tell you, Americans, if you can turn from 
your present way of life before it is too late — and 
this rests entirely with the individual mark you, not 
with your governments — if you can have the cour- 
age and faith to understand how vital this is, you 
will shorten a period of great misery which lies 
ahead of you. 

The day will then come when you will return to 
your homes and find in the beautiful symbolism of 
those two poets, Maeterlinck and Tennyson, that 
the Blue Bird of Truth and the Holy Grail, for which 
you have been seeking, were in those homes all the 
time, but you had not the vision to see them. 

God bless America. 



July 23, 1953 



My message today is to the women of America. 
I wish that I could burn it into your hearts with 
the flaming torch of Truth. I cannot impress upon 
you too strongly how important and vital this mes- 
sage is. 

Look back, women of America, look back to those 
pioneers: those women who founded your race in 
great hardship, in continual self-sacrifice under 
almost impossible conditions of living, often giving 
their lives that their children might live. 

Look at yourselves today. You say you have 
Freedom. What has it brought you? Where are 
your lives spent? In the office, in the store, in the 
factory. You have sold your birthright for a mess 
of pottage; for you must know in your souls that 
you have lost the ideals of your forebears. 

What of the heritage of your children? I would 
like my words to shake all those who read this mes- 
sage to their foundations, with regard to the answer 
to this, 


There is a plague spot eating away the very heart 
of your nation, for you have forsaken the laws of 
Nature in turning over your children to the care of 
hired women. 

During those vital years of babyhood, you have 
deprived them of the mother love and mother care 
that they need. This is not a small thing. It is a sin. 
You can never make up to them for the loss f every 
day of their lives, of the maternal love which should 
have been theirs. 

The generation of today when it reaches man- 
hood and womanhood, will be lacking in much that 
is fine and noble on that account. 

I tell you, American women, with the greatest 
solemnity, that if this practice continues — if you do 
not see the folly and wickedness of it — if you do not 
understand the reason for the failures of many of 
your children to make good — if you do not discon- 
tinue this practice, your race is doomed. 

You young mothers must surely see that you are 
losing the very greatest thing that Life has to offer 
— the joy of caring for your children. The tremen- 
dous fulfillment that you feel during the years that 
you spend or could spend with your baby, means 
enormous benefits to yourself, as well as to your 
little child. 

There must be a nation-wide campaign to bring 
the wife and mother back into the home. You will 
come to see that what you thought was freedom is 


not so at all # and is only leading you, in the end, to 
confusion of thought, to a great restlessness, and 
too much harm physically and mentally. Those who 
disobey the laws of Nature have to pay a heavy 
price. This way of life must be altered. 

American children do not have to put up with the 
hardships of the past; but although these hardships 
seemed severe handicaps to those past generations, 
in reality, they helped to form their characters and 
make them strong. 

One great evil lies in what I would call the pov- 
erty of thought which you are giving your children. 
The papers and magazines which are put before 
them today are of no use to them, but are definitely 

The remedy lies much in the hands of the teach- 
ers, but eveh more so — and this is the idea that you 
have lost — even more so in the home life. 

There must be a campaign waged, both by par- 
ents and the schools, for purity. Children are very 
observant and they easily assimilate the ideas of 
their elders; and the terrible harm that is being 
done to them, by the example of their parents in 
their abandonment of their home life and their mor- 
als in general, can never be estimated by you. 

I have spoken of Marriage in the Future in an- 
other message; but I want you to turn away from 
the mockery and the farce that you have made of 
Marriage, and reach out in your thoughts to a 


nobler, purer wisdom. "To love and to cherish, for 
better or for worse." Make these vows, not with 
the idea of breaking them when you wish or when 
the first sign of trouble appears, but make them 
with a fervent prayer in your hearts that you may 
keep them for life. 

There is a policy that affects the women of Amer- 
ica very closely. It may not have struck you that 
you are affected by this, but it is connected with 
your lives and the lives of those who will come after 
you. This is the policy of the "closed doors." Amer- 
ica must throw open her gates to all. This is in 
direct opposition to your present laws; but I want 
to emphasize it most strongly, for it is an important 
step to the great Idea of Federation. Can you not 
see what a mistake this policy is? 

Blended into your nation, you could have, if you 
will: the wisdom of the Chinese; the skill of the 
Japanese; the perseverance of the German; the 
versatility of the French; the wit of the Irish; the 
tenacity of the British; the calmness of the Scan- 
dinavian nations; the endurance of the Jewish peo- 
ple; the creative art of the Italian. 

All these qualities are necessary to a great race, 
and it was wise of the United States formerly to 
welcome one and all, as they did. They have the 
whole world to draw from, and people of every race 
and color should be welcomed. Any other policy 
is a policy of Retrogression. 

You will see, women of America, how this touches 


you. And you must, for the benefit of the race, 
welcome all who come — and break down all bar- 
riers; for only good, not evil, will come of this. 

I spoke of a period of misery which is to come; 
but I want to tell you that there will arise among 
you, towards the end of this period, an outstand- 
ing woman. She will be a prophetess and a leader. 
She will be greater than any other woman before 
her. She will have such power within her that 
she will be able to unite the two Americas, so that 
they will be as one; and this step will be a tremend- 
ous advance towards the coming Federation of the 
World. She will bring with her a great knowledge 
of Spiritual Truths; and this will mean a higher 
morality, not only throughout the Americas but, 
through them, to the entire world. 

Look forward, then, women of America, to your 
high destiny. Work now for posterity in the sure 
knowledge that every right act of yours and every 
good influence that you can bring to bear on the 
life of your nation, will reap a harvest in the years 
to come. 

God bless America. 



July 24, 1953 



I spoke in plain words to the women of your 
race in my last message, and I shall now speak 
in plain words to you f men of America. 

In a large degree, you are responsible for the 
failure of the women to reach up to high ideals, 
for, by your attitude, you have cheapened woman- 

You have been obsessed by the Money Idea, 
and this has spread like a hideous growth through 
your whole system. You are deliberately sacrific- 
ing everything to this. It dominates your whole 
life until you have become a kind of robot going 
through life, hiding your true feelings under a 
mask of cynical indifference. This affects every 
phase of your life, and has become a great evil. 

Man has been given the sacred gift of creating 
life — life from his own body; and at the same time 
he has knowledge that he possesses this gift. In 
this way he is distinct from the animals, who create 
life, without that knowledge, through instinct. 


This gift to man is part of the mystery of Life: 
Life Force permeates his whole Being. Just as 
Light, which we think of as being one Substance, 
has a dual aspect — that is, it travels in waves and 
also in "quanta" or packets — so does the Life 
Force in man permeate his physical Being and, at 
the same time, his spiritual Being. 

Man intuitively knows this. He may, and does, 
deny the spiritual; for when he doubts, he falls 
back on the argument that Life belongs to him, 
that he can do what he will, that there is no other 
end to Life except dissolution, and that, therefore, 
it matters not what he does. But in the very same 
moment that he is arguing in this way, he knows 
that it is not so, that he has within him something 
Eternal, something which can never die, and, there- 
fore, he is filled with terror at the thought that he 
may be, in some way, harming this inner Being. 

No words of mine, therefore, are needed to tell 
you that you possess this Spiritual Being, that it 
lives with you; and that at the very highest peaks 
of your life — and these should include those holy 
moments when you are generating Life — that it is 
operating in you, and will always continue. 

I would have you think over this matter deeply, 
for it is bound up with your physical life; and al- 
though it can never leave you, you have the power 
to prevent yourself from realizing this holiness. 

You must tune your thoughts, so that they are 
receptive to spiritual Truths. This does not mean 


following this or that religious sect, or going to 
church, or saying routine prayers, for these can 
become mockeries to you; and, at the present time, 
there is much hypocrisy in these matters. But it 
means this: that when, during the day or night, 
you may become aware of certain thoughts and 
aspirations, which you realize have a nobler foun- 
dation than those of your material life — then open 
yourself fully to the influence of these thoughts, 
and your reward will be an inner peace and a 
desire that they should come more often to you; 
and you will feel with a certain shame, as you 
begin to examine yourself more closely, that your 
worldly thoughts are crowding out these others, 
and making it impossible for you to rise to higher 

I want to tell you, for your comfort, this: when 
we discard the physical body, we feel a certain 
difference with regard to drawing from this Life 
Force; for our power to draw from it, is increased. 
It is as if we had, for example, a few more volts 
of electricity in us, and that we are so much the 
stronger for having discarded our physical body. 
We, then, realize that the excess of Life Force is 
given us to help, if we so desire, those on the 
Earth plane; and, therefore, we use that power 
to send you these holy thoughts — thoughts of 
tenderness, love, and pity. And, therefore, I bid 
you to be receptive. 

Open your hearts. Do not wrap yourselves in 
a mantle of despair. Believe that there is help 


coming continuously. Believe that the Spirit of 
God is within you all; and rest assured that if 
you will do this, you will find it easier to live the 
Good Life. 

You will get back, men of America, your values 
of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, which you have 
temporarily lost. 

Lift up your hearts, then; for the King of Glory 
shall enter in. 

God bless America. 



July 30, 1953 




My people, it is natural that you # as you re- 
ceive and read these messages, should wish to 
know more about the conditions under which I 
speak from the Unseen. In this message I wish to 
give you some idea, yet I warn you most earnest- 
ly to realize that much cannot be brought before 

You are a Western race — practical, material; 
and you wish in all things to know, as you put 
it, all the answers. But know this: That all the 
answers never will be known by you in your life 
on earth. But you will have hints and glimpses 
in increasing proportion as the years go on; and 
the greater your faith, the more you will receive. 

You may ask me, "Where are you?" I am near 
my Instrument, the medium, and yet at the same 
time I could be described as very far away. And 
this apparent contradiction I give deliberately, for 
I want you to understand that I am in a state of 
Being, not a place. 


I could speak to you of a Fourth or Fifth Dimen- 
sion, but this would entail speaking in terms of 
Distance, and would only add confusion of 
thought. Until the theory of Relativity is more ex- 
tended, I cannot give you a fuller answer. But I 
can speak of something which happens to all of 
you, which is easier to understand, namely, Sleep. 
And it is in Sleep that, I think, you will find the 
valuable hints of which I have spoken. 

In Sleep our physical senses are dormant, and 
our psychic senses are partially, but only partial- 
ly, in control. Hence, our dreams are often con- 
fused sequences of events — those of the past and 
sometimes those of the future — during which you 
are able to move instantaneously from place to 
place. You pass through matter with ease; you 
fall from great heights; yet in all this you feel no 
injury or pain. 

There is another good example of confusion of 
the physical senses, and that is shown in the 
Three Dimensional Film. In this your sense of 
sight and your sense of hearing tell you that vio- 
lent things are being done to you. You can be, 
according to these senses, stabbed, burnt, or shot; 
yet all the time your sense of touch or feeling 
shows you that none of these things are happen- 
ing to you. Very soon now, this invention will be 
extended, so that the whole matter of physical 
and psychic senses will become much clearer. 

To us here, it sometimes appears that you are 


as children playing with a puzzle. The pieces of 
the puzzle are spread all over the board; you are 
fitting it together. Sometimes you almost succeed 
in completing it, and we see the small missing 
piece slightly hidden in a corner of the board, but 
you see it not. 

I have spoken of the psychic senses and I want 
to explain this phrase. At birth the physical body 
is born with the psychic or etheric body attached 
to it by the "silver cord/' spoken of in the Bible. 

These two grow together and intermingle, co- 
ordinated by the pineal gland in the brain. The 
cord can be extended, but never broken until 
death, when the physical body is discarded. This 
is already known to many of you. 

Another question you may ask is, "How do you 
speak through the Instrument?" I use the organs 
of her throat and I work through her brain, part 
of which is dormant, part is controlled by me. 

Because she is willing that it should be, she 
tunes in to my wave length. This is no miracle 
but a perfectly natural happening. The waves of 
sound are there, and they produce the result, which 
is taken down in writing by my other Instrument, 
who also has trained herself to tune in and lend 
the necessary power. 

If you consider these things as "mysteries," I 
would have you think for a moment of what you 
call natural events. 


You sit — we will say, for example — beside a 
pond. You notice that the water is transparent 
and fluid. You visit it again on another day (and 
owing to a change of temperature through great 
heat), the water has evaporated into the air. You 
visit it again and you find that the flowing water 
is now a solid block of ice. 

Or take, as another example, Sunlight. You pass 
through a forest, and you know that beneath your 
feet the process is going on whereby these trees 
will become coal, and will release the sunlight 
that they have stored up in the form of fire. You 
do not regard these things as miracles, because 
you understand them through your reason; and 
my point is, in this message, to emphasize that the 
matters of which. I speak are natural. 

Another question you may ask is: "How do Im- 
pressions arrive? 11 Often by clear-cut messages and 
directions without any word spoken, yet leaving 
no doubt at all in the mind of the recipient of what 
is meant. These matters have been put on record 
and fill many volumes. 

We send these Impressions to you by Thought, 
and they are transmitted through your psychic 
senses; and. from them into the nervous system, so 
that the brain records them. You can do so much 
towards developing this system of communication, 
and it requires less power than the spoken word. 

I want to impress it on you, my people, that the 
motive of your desire for all communication must 


be free from all thought of personal gain, such as 
fame and publicity; and these powers must never 
be used for financial profit, for that path leads in- 
evitably to the way of fraud, and will destroy in 
time the power itself. 

You can develop through self-control and mind 
control; and, at the same time, study the dangers, 
and know yourself. This knowing yourself is a 
whole time study; for it is so easy to delude your- 
self, to hide your real motives, and to take, almost 
without knowing it, the wrong path. But, above 
all, you must pray. 

I, myself, when on earth, was privileged to know 
of these matters; and I also know, therefore, the 

I would like to tell you that one misconception 
that freguently arises on earth, due principally to 
the teachings of the various churches, is that we 
change greatly when we pass over. This, my 
friends, is not so. Mercifully, the better side of 
one's nature does seem uppermost due, I believe, 
to the fact that we have discarded the physical. I 
noticed in myself that my best desires were tri- 

In life on earth, I was filled with a desire to help 
Humanity. In spite of many faults and failings, 
this was a characteristic of mine; and here in the 
Unseen I am able, to my great joy, to help in many 
ways the souls that come over. 


Those of you who are willing to lead a spiritual 
way of life — difficult as it is # in the turbulent world 
of today — will find that in opening your minds to 
these impressions I have spoken of, and in raising 
your thoughts continually by purity of vision, you 
will come to an inner intimacy with ourselves 
here — which will be inexpressibly dear to you — 
will change, in fact, the tenor of your life — and 
will be a recompense for all suffering and sorrow. 

Persevere, then; have faith and pray; and God 
will lead you by the hand until you reach the 
realms of the Unseen. 

God bless America. 



August 6, 1953 



My friends, this message deals with the ques- 
tion: How to meet Evil in your world? 

First, you must face it, uncover it, bring every 
part of it to light; evasions are useless. Have faith 
in the powers that God has given you to over- 
come it. Have the faith of the man who prayed: 
"God, if there be a God, help my soul, if I have a 

That was true prayer. 

The most disturbing element in American life 
today is self-satisfaction. Many of you feel that 
you have built up a great nation in comparatively 
few years; that you are a world leader; and that 
the solving of the world's difficulties will be large- 
ly in your hands in the future; and you feel fully 
competent to deal with them. You have had great 
men, and there are great men among you today; 
but I ask you, Americans, to look on the blemishes 
of your civilization. 


Look at the increase in the statistics of Crime; 
your overflowing prisons; your vast number of 
juvenile delinquents. Look at your gamblers; your 
murderers; your abortionists; your drug addicts. 

Look at the graft and corruption in high places, 
often concealed and, even worse, tolerated. 

Look at the loosening of moral values, that were 
had and held by your ancestors. 

I ask you: What are you going to do about all 
this? When are you going to call a halt? Do you 
realize that you are forging chains daily for your 
destruction, by allowing these things to continue? 

Do not say: "It is impossible for these things to 
be rectified." 

Cessation of War will lessen Man's readiness to 
kill; and War must be abolished. Crime can be 
largely dealt with by segregation and medical 
treatment, instead of the harsh punishments often 
given at the present time. 

Fill your lives, so that there will be no room in 
them for Evil. Cultivate the joy of living with 
Nature, for you can learn more in this way about 
right living than you can through the reading of 
many books. 

Bring Beauty back into your lives — the Beauty 
of Art, of Music, of Literature. Ask yourselves if 
you have this Beauty in your lives today. You 
know, in very truth, you have not. Remember — 


ugly thoughts create ugly deeds. To know your- 
self is good, but, at the same time, remember that 
you can find yourself in giving service to others. 

The time is drawing very close now, when the 
issue will be decided whether your nation will be- 
come such a power for good as has never been 
seen before, in one people, in the history of the 
world; or whether you will be caught and de- 
stroyed by mounting waves of evil, in a cataclysm 
more terrible than you can imagine. 

I send you this message with a great desire to 
stir you, all, to your very depths, so that you will 
have full realization of the dangers ahead of you; 
and, at the same time, to give you wonderful hope 
of what you could become. 

The proofs of what I have said lie all around 
you; you can see them daily. Yet, because Life is 
easy, and great world tragedies have passed you 
by, you have covered yourselves with compla- 
cence, and have become accustomed to the idea 
of shifting responsibility and overlooking Evil. 

In this way, Americans, you — every one of you — 
are guilty, and you may have to pay a terrible 

We know on This Side that there are among 
you those who have a great vision of higher 
things. Very quietly and unobtrusively, these peo- 
ple are projecting this vision, in what may appear 
to you as small ways, by means of books and lec- 


tures. But small in numbers though they may be, 
they have great power, for they are being directed 
by us. And the knowledge that this is so, gives 
them the assurance that no task is beyond them. 

So when the common man emerges from his 
chrysalis of indifference, he will find he has allies 
of whom he had little dreamed, both in this world 
and the next. 

In very great earnestness, I ask you, Americans, 
to realize that the time is short, and to ponder on 
these things — praying, at the same time, for wis- 
dom to help you to meet the trials that are to 

God bless America. 

Abraham Lincoln 



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GENTLEMEN: — I want to help in your non-profit campaign to distribute copies 
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